What to Bring

A lot of people ask us about specific precautions to take or what things they should bring and should not bring to Pirate Cove.
Below we have listed a few pointers for you.

What to bring

  • Bring a good repellent.
  • Bring sunscreen.
  • Bring flashlights.
  • Bring a light poncho as it can rain at any time.
  • When you go hiking in the rainforest tennis shoes are fine. Sandals are not recommended expect for the beach.
  • Believe it or not it can get a little cool at night, especially if you stay more than a few days and have had time to acclimatize. A light weight long sleeved shirt and pants are a good idea.
  • It's essential to get travel insurance.

What NOT to bring

  • Jewelry.
  • Large amounts of cash.
  • Expensive equipment, wether it be cameras or computers.