! Snorkeling Tours with Pirate Cove Hotel in Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula

Snorkeling Tours in Cano Island, Drake Bay

Isla del Caño consists of approximately 200 hectares (500 acres) and lies 15 kilometers offshore.

It was taken over by the Costa Rican government and declared a Biological Reserve in 1976, just before the last private owner was going to level the top of the island for an airstrip and construct a casino. It restores your faith in governments doesn't it?

Before it nearly became a Latin Las Vegas the island was used for other less primitive activities.

Pre-Columbian people crossed the open ocean in small boats to make a religious site. Pottery dating from 200-800 A.D. has been found, as have several perfect stone spheres. It may have been a trading post during the Middle Ages. More recently, it is rumored that Sir Francis Drake left some of his gold treasure here. Today the island is an oasis of calm and beauty and well worth your visit.

The waters at Isla del Caño are also filled with treasure. As a diving site the island is fantastic.

Just a few meters from the white sand beach you will find creatures ranging from angelfish to the occasional small reef shark. This tour lasts all day and includes a picnic lunch and snorkeling equipment.

We will do the first dive in the Island then we will rest in the beach of the Island and drink water. Then we will do the second dive, after that we will have the lunch in Hotel Pirate Cove.

Tour Information:

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Departure time: 7:00am
  • Return Time: 12:30md - 1:00pm
  • Includes: Rent of equipment, PADI instructor, transport from Drake Bay, entrances fees, lunch.

NOTE: Dear visitors of Caño Island, Considering the information given by the Health Ministery and Osa Conservation Area , it is allow to arrive to the land part of Caño Island Biological Reseve. It is not allowed to eat in there. It is not allow to walk in the trails.

Smoking is prohibited.

Since January 10, 2013, the Goverment is very strict with the limits in the Park, the reservations need to be in advance. If you are interested in the diving tour please let us know in order to do the reservation with the Goverment.

**In case of cancellation by weather conditions there is no refund of tickets to the Island.
**Starting July 2021 We have to collect 4% taxes on tours and transport.

Want to try Scuba Diving in Costa Rica? No certification required!