Fly to Drake Bay, Pirate Cove Hotel

How to get to Drake Bay?

Drake Bay is isolated and not on the common tourist circuit (thank God), so you will need to plan your journey with some care. The most popular options listed below are based on a trip starting from San Jose. If you are coming from another part of Costa Rica write and we'll try and help.

Fly to Drake Bay

If you fly to Drake Bay you can choose either morning or afternoon flights and we'll send a local taxi to bring you from the local airport to Pirate Cove. Please bring cash in order to pay the taxi driver.

If you decide on either route don't wait for the last minute as flights are often fully booked a month or two in advance. The biggest disadvantage when flying is you are limited to about 25 pounds (12 kilos) luggage per person.

Drive to Drake Bay

You can also drive all the way to Drake Bay if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle. The trip will take about 7 hours from San Jose. The last hour or so is a magnificent tour through primary and secondary rainforest on poor roads with a few small river crossings. During the rainy season (May through October) the road can become impassable so check with us before you choose this option. Also you should note most rental companies specifically prohibit damage claims if you lose your car crossing a river in Costa Rica.

If you have an ordinary rental car you can drive to Sierpe from San Jose (about 4-5 hours) and then take the boat from there, making sure you arrive in Sierpe at Las Vegas Restaurant before 11:00 a. m. You can leave your car in a safe place for a few dollars per day.

Other Rental Agencies

Travel by Bus or Shuttle

TRACOPA offers bus service from San Jose to Palmar Norte. The trip lasts 4-5 hours and then you will need to take a local taxi to Sierpe and then the boat ride to Drake Bay. If you take this option remember you need to arrive in Sierpe before 11:00 a. catch the boat, so that means you need to take the 5:00 a. m. bus. Otherwise you may have to spend the night in Sierpe. The number phone of Tracopa +(506) 2248-3839.

Shuttle from San José- Sierpe - San José or Manuel Antonio-Sierpe-Manuel Antonio : Transportes Pedro Alvarez , email : [email protected] with Pedro Alvarez, telephone (506) 8703 21 21.

If you want a private taxi you can contact Pedro Alvarez :[email protected] , telephone (506) 8703 21 21.