Mangrove Tour at Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula

Sierpe River

If you are loving to birds and if you would like to see crocodiles, this is the tour we recommend, here you will have the opportunity to see many birds in a small island located near the mouth of the Sierpe River, which serves as habitat for many birds, in this place they can take care of their broods out of the danger of predators.

The Sierpe River is characterized by some of the areas of our country's largest mangrove you can observe birds, mammals and reptiles and also serves as path some communities as Sierpe and Palmar Sur. Here you will have the possibility of view from the famous bird stakethan with their perfect camouflage and very difficult a view.

The tour usually starts at 6: 30 am taking a boat during approximately 2 and half hours. During the tour we make several stops where he our guide will explain on the existence of mangroves and its benefits for many animals that live in this area, as well as for the man those benefits from fishing artisanal and the pianguas for example.

Tour Information:

  • $115 per person

**Starting July 2021 We have to collect 4% taxes on tours and transport.