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Policies and Requirements

We are a small hotel and often booked months in advance. In order to officially guarantee your reservation you will need to pay 100% of the room and board price in advance. Until payment is received your reservation is only tentative and our policy is first come first served. We never double book our rooms.

Credit card (only VISA or MasterCard). If you use your credit card you need to:

  1. Please fill the reservation form.
  2. When we confirm the reservation we will send a bill to your email with the Login and password, with this information you will do the Electronic payment in a security and private site in the web.
  3. The payment is going to do through the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, this bank works with the logos Verify by Visa and Master Card secure code.
  4. When you do the automatic payment, you will receive a confirmation by email and receipt of the payment.

We're sorry, but travelers’ checks are not accepted.

We offer the following discounts for children when they stay in your room:

  • 3-11 years - 50% for lodging and meals and 10% for all activities
  • 3 years or less - no charge


Please take the time to read this section to avoid any misunderstanding. We go out of our way to help when we can but our official cancellation policy is:

All cancellations must be made by fax with an e-mail confirming the cancellation. Cancellations by telephone are not acceptable.

If the cancellation is received 31 days or more before your scheduled arrival at Pirate Cove we will refund the money you have sent minus 20% for administration costs.

If the cancellation is received 30 days or less before your scheduled arrival there is no refund.

drake bay hotel, verified by visa
drake bay hotel, verified by visa
drake bay hotel, verified by visa

drake bay hotel, verified by visa