Kayaking in Drake Bay

Rivers and Pacific Ocean

Our kayaking tour consists of two parts: a leisurely jungle river journey and an exciting (sometimes challenging) ocean return.

We begin our tour on Drake River and paddle up its calm shallow waters. You can expect to see a number of birds such as kingfishers, egrets and other waterfowl. If you look carefully among the mangroves you may see several types of iguanas and maybe a small crocodile or two.

After about one hour we will arrive at a tiny lagoon. Those who want to try their skill in the ocean will haul out their kayaks for a short portage to the beach and the rest will return by river to Pirate Cove.

During the ocean passage, you may see small schools of fish feeding near the surface and once we actually saw three humpback whales 200 meters offshore. Your trip ends with a triumphal crossing of the river mouth or else an embarrassing swim through the surf after falling out of your kayak.

Tour Information:

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