Horseback Riding Tour in Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula

We offer several options. There is something for everyone, whether you are not sure which part of the horse points forward or whether you are more experienced. You will be part of a small group and your guide may lead you through isolated rainforest or over kilometers of deserted beaches.

Tours Available:

Hidden Waterfalls

We climb the mountains for a stunning view of Drake Bay and Isla del Caño before heading into the rainforest. You may encounter monkeys and should bring binoculars as many birds can be seen in the clearings. Eventually we will leave the horses and hike to a hidden jungle stream. There you will find a series of small waterfalls. You can swim in one of the pools or just relax and enjoy the scene. What you will not see are other tourists in this special place.

Beach and Forest

Do you like to gallop along the beach? Do you like to see the rainforest? This tour is for you. We ride along a deserted beach for a few kilometers and then turn inland, crossing farmland and arriving at a small village. There we pause for some refreshment at a local pulperia (old fashioned general store). Then we cross the Drake River and ride into the mountains and through the rainforest. You will be ready for lunch when we return to Pirate Cove.

Tour Price:

  • $75 per person

For those really experienced horse lovers we can arrange even more individualized tours.