Want a special honeymoon in Costa Rica?

You deserve something better than an ordinary honeymoon, why not consider Pirate Cove? The following package is designed specially for you.

special honeymoon price osa peninsula, drake bay hotel

Day 1

At dinner we'll give you a complimentary bottle of wine, you can take the dinner in your room.

Day 2

You choose an ocean or a land adventure. You can set out on the high seas after breakfast and you may see dolphins and whales and who knows what else (half day tour) (4 people minimun). If you want to stay on dry land you receive a guided tour on horseback through the rainforest.

Day 3

You will tour Corcovado National Park or another private reserve, where you may see several kinds of monkeys, birds and other animals. Watch where you put your feet because there are lots of crawly things!

Day 4

You must be tired after all of the excitement of our tours so today we let you alone. There is a 2-3 kilometer deserted beach in front of the hotel or you might want to try your kayaking skills. The river is for the not so brave and the open ocean is for those who want a bit more adventure.

Also you can decide to take a massage in your room, the massage is included in the package.

Day 5

Travel to Isla del Caño, where you will either have a day of scuba diving (if you are certified) or else snorkel. If you find the treasure that Sir Francis Drake left a few hundred years ago we will give you another complimentary bottle of champagne in exchange for the treasure.

Day 6

All good things come to an end, unfortunately. After breakfast and a quick swim or that last walk on the beach you have to leave Pirate Cove and return to the real world once again. You can always come back on your first anniversary.

special honeymoon in osa peninsula, drake bay hotel

Honeymoon Package 6 Days & 5 Nights Cabin: $1000 per person

Honeymoon Package 6 Days & 5 Nights Deluxe Cabin: $1075 per person

Honeymoon Package 6 Days & 5 Nights Bungalow: $900 per person