Birdwatching Tour

In the Osa Peninsula, of which Drake Bay is a part, there are more than 430 species. Of our more spectacular inhabitants are scarlet macaws, which visit the almond trees growing on the beach in front of the hotel. Toucans fly over nearly every day. Kingfishers live by the river and many varieties of hummingbirds make their homes here.

We also commonly see trogons, red-legged honeycreepers and many different types of tanagers to name but a few of the varieties commonly seen. One of our guests actually found 40 different species in a couple of hours within a few hundred meters of Pirate Cove!

We offer several tours which range in time from two to four hours. We leave the hotel either very early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Although most birders bring their own bird-watching equipment, for an extra charge we rent Swarovski or Kahles binoculars with sufficient advance notice.

Tour information:

  • $55 per person

**Starting July 2021 We have to collect 4% taxes on tours and transport.